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Calusa Palms Hurricane Update – October 8, 2022

Newest Update from our Management


Internet and cable are both back on. Internet came back on Friday around 4:00 pm and Cable came back on Friday around 7:45pm. If it is not working, you may need to reset your boxes (unplug and plug back in) in order to do a reset. If that does not work, please contact Summit for assistance.


Lee County is still under a system-wide water boil notice. They have also asked that all Lee County Residents use water sparingly as they have generators running the pumps and they are being overworked. If anyone still has any outdoor water pipe leaks, please call Lee County to get them fixed as this is part of the reason the system is overworked. If you are able, please call 239-533-8700 to report the issue.


Garbage was picked up Thursday!!!! Very exciting😊

Please do not place large debris out for pick-up until our next garbage day, which is Thursday, Oct 13th. There is furniture, large vanity mirrors, old cabinets. Etc. at the curb on Calusa Palms Drive, buildings 14794 and 14816. The large mirror is a SAFETY issue. Please place all the large items that are in front of the condos on Calusa Palms Drive into your garage until the next pickup, Thursday, Oct 13th.

We are asking everyone to NOT place large debris out until next week on our normal pickup day.

DO NOT STACK TRASH OR ANY DEBRIS ON OR NEAR FIRE HYDRANTS! If you have already done so, please move the debris to a different location. All hydrants must be seen from the street. This is fire code.

If you have not already done so, please separate the construction debris such as shingles, gutters, etc. in a separate pile from all other debris. Again, you should have a pile of construction debris and lawn debris. Lee County is requiring this. They will not pick it up if it is not in separate piles. Please do your part by cleaning up shingles, etc. around you and place in a construction debris pile.

If there is debris already on/near the downed light poles, for safety reasons, do not touch the debris or the poles. The electricity is on, and they may be “hot”. Please advise your children not to touch any downed light poles.

RECYCLE – Per Lee County – Our next scheduled recycle pick-up will be Thursday, October 20, 2022. If you have your recycling bins out, please place them back into your garage/storage. They can be placed back out on Wednesday evening, October 19th.


• Most Important: set storm debris at the curb away from your normal household trash and recycling

• Place storm debris at the curb in THREE separate piles: Garbage, yard waste, and building debris. Federal Emergency Management Agency rule require documentation of the volume and type of debris collected in order to reimburse the county for storm cleanup.

• Garbage must be placed in a 40 gallon can or heavy mil plastic bags weighing no more than 50 pounds. You may use your “normal” garbage can.

• Yard waste does NOT need to be bundled. Place it in piles that can easily be managed by collection personnel with a claw truck. Once “normal” operations resume, please bundle yard waste.

• To expedite collection, do not place anything beneath low-hanging obstacles like trees or powerlines or downed streetlights or near things like fire hydrants or mailboxes.

• Food must be removed from any appliances and set at the curb. Food should be placed with the garbage.


The pool will remain closed until further notice. A group of community volunteers did do an initial cleaning of the pine branches and needles out of the pool. Thanks to our great group of volunteers that helped out. Our pool vendor will continue to dump chemicals to clear the water and also continue with the cleaning.

For safety/security reasons, the clubhouse will remain closed with the storm shutters on.


Please do NOT move or touch the downed light poles. Now that we have electricity back the wires may still be live. We have contacted FPL to turn off the breakers to the pole/cap the wires. Our electrician has also been contacted and we are on the “list” for the electrician to come on site and cut and cap the wires.


The irrigation company was out to do an initial assessment of our pumps. One of the pumps does not have power. The main power source was destroyed.

The fountain on the right as you enter the property is not working. Again, this is an electrical issue as one of the electrical boxes and the fountain control box were both under water.


Please make sure to close your garage door when you are not readily available in the front of it. There have been numerous trucks, vendors, etc. driving around that we are not familiar with. Some theft has occurred. Please be aware of surroundings and contact the police if anything looks suspicious.


Most of the neighborhood is definitely looking better. Thanks to all that have worked together to do a great job of cleanup.

The master association will continue to take care of the debris cleanup in the common areas. Please be patient as we cleanup the various areas.

Homeowners are responsible for their cleanup.

All CONDO owners need to contact their condo board and/or our condo association for all cleanup.


• Bocce Court will be unavailable until the light pole that is covering it is removed. The breaker for that light is turned off so this is not a safety issue.

• The tennis/pickle ball court may be used.

Stay Safe, Help Your Neighbors and Drink Plenty😊

On behalf of the entire Board,

Jill Kiely, President CPMA

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