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Trash pickup - dos and don'ts

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

First of all, trash cans shall be hidden until the day before pickup. As a Condo-Resident you have to store your trash can in the garage. Trash pickup is scheduled for Friday morning. You may take your trash can to the curbside Thursday after 5pm. Same with Recyle Trash which is supposed to be picked up Monday morning.

All trash needs to be in the can! Don't bring trash bags to the curb! Birds, raccoons or other animals will open the bags and make a mess. Trash has to be in the can and the can needs to be closed with a solid lid.

Recycle trash - aluminum, glass, plastic (no plastic bags), paper - is supposed to be collected loose in the can. Don't use trash bags.

Larger items will usually be picked up with the regular trash. But if you have any small or larger appliances please call Waste Pro for pickup.

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